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What the Veterans Administration should mean to you

As the new Service Officer for the American Legion Post 365 in Vista, CA I am hoping to contact any and all veterans and brief them on how the Veterans Administration may be able to help them. I am a disabled veteran and have learned of the benefits the VA has to offer and how to access them.

This project “Calling all Vets” is determined to get veterans into the VA healthcare system. The VA Health Care Program is not well known to a lot of Veterans. Only about 20% of eligible veterans are signed up. If you are a veteran, do yourself a favor and call your local VA clinic and get an appointment for a physical. You just might be eligible for coverage.

These benefits have always been available and there is no time limit. The VA will not hunt you down to help you. That means you have to ask for help!

The first place to start is your nearest VA Clinic.  Go to www.va.gov/benefits and click on ‘Locations’, and enter your zip code to find the Clinic or Veterans Center nearest you.

All you need to do is walk in and tell them you want to sign up for VA Health Care. They will do the rest. They will provide you with a VA Picture ID Card and get you signed up for an appointment with your new Primary Care Physician.  If you have any health issues that may be related to your time in the Armed Forces, they will help you file a claim and you may be entitled to compensation for that issue. The health care is free to veterans.  However, you may be required to pay co-pays, depending on your income status. The VA ID card is also worth military discounts at many businesses.

The VA meets or exceeds the ACA (Obamacare) requirements and in most cases can be free to the Veteran.

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