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What the Veterans Administration should mean to you.

            Who: All Veterans…especially Viet Nam Vets

          What: Veterans Administration Health Benefits available to you

          Where: Apply at any local VA Clinic

            How:  Find local VA Clinics and Vet Centers

                    Go to www.va.gov/benefits/  and click on “locations”.

     You will need a copy of your discharge form DD-214

            Why: These VA Benefits are free to Veterans!


As the new Service Officer for American Legion Post 365 in Vista, CA, it is my great privilege to serve my fellow veterans. As a disabled Veteran, I am now aware, more than ever before, of the VA and the medical benefits available to me and my fellow Vets.

I have had really good experiences with the VA and I want to share that in any way I can. There are thousands of “quiet vets” out there who feel the way I did, that the VA was not meant for them…but it is! Go get the help you need now!

I want to encourage each of you to contact anyone you know who is a Vet and encourage them to sign up. If each one of us told 5 Vets, that could touch hundreds of guys and gals who go on to contact more Vets!   So get out there and spread the word!

You just may give someone the gift of life this year.

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