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Membership Eligibility and Requirements

All members must be members in good standing of the

American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion!

Qualifying dates are as follows:

WW2: 12/07/1941 - 12/31/1946

Merchant Marines: 12/07/1941 - 12/31/1946

Korea: 06/25/1950 - 01/31/1955

Vietnam: 02/28/1961 - 05/07/1975

Lebanon-Grenada: 04/24/1982 - 07/31/1984

Panama: 12/20/1989 - 01/31/1990

Gulf War-Global War on Terroism: 08/02/1990 to present

These are the dates, established by US Congress, that allows for membership into the American Legion Post, SONs, and  Legion Auxiliary

Members in the American Legion Riders must be the legally registered owner, or operator of a highway legal, operational motorcycle and must posess a valid drivers for the qualifying vehical of at least 350 cc or greater. Or he/she must be the legal spouse or registered domestic partner of an American Legion Rider member, in good standing with the Chapter of application!

Members may not be concurrent members in more than one local Chapter, with the exception of while another Chapter is being organized! Once recognized by Department of California, membership in only one Chapter is allowed.

All candidates for membership into the ALR shall be voted upon by the membership of the Chapter at a regular meeting. A simple majority of those present shall elect or reject a candidate.

Initiation dues are $110 ($20 dues/$80 back patch)

Membership renewal is $20/year thereafter.

Full copy of our bylaws can be read at any ALR meeting. Upon joining said Chapter, you will be given a copy of constitution and bylaws.




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